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Format / Size / Title
Uk Trailer
H264/ 24mb / Trailer
XDCAM HD 1080i50 / 437 MB /Andrew Billen - Janes method of working
XDCAM HD 1080i50 / 251 MB / Jane early days at Observer
XDCAM HD 1080i50 / 298 MB / Lyn Barber - Jane and David Bailey
XDCAM HD 1080i50 / 460 MB / Nobby Clark and Edna O'Brien
XDCAM HD 1080i50 / 191 MB / Nobby Clark and Law Lord
XDCAM HD 1080i50 / 534 MB / Polly Toynbee - Two females no threat and Stalin's daughter
XDCAM HD 1080i50 / 237 MB / Polly Toynbee and Chauffeured Car
XDCAM HD 1080i50 / 413 MB / Polly Toynbee and Chauffeured Car
XDCAM HD 1080i50 / 127 MB / Richard Ashcroft - Jane's a punk
XDCAM HD 1080i50 / 270 MB / Richard Ashcroft talks about being photographed by Jane
XDCAM HD 1080i50 / 761 MB / Sean O' Hagan - Jane and Beckett
**Please note the clips will only play on systems with the XDCAM HD codecs**
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