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Trailer Download
Item / Format / Size
Uk Trailer
Trailer / H264 / 138MB
Clips Download
Item / Format
AIC 1080p
PAL 576i
Clip 1 / Quicktime
Clip 2 / Quicktime
Clip 3/ Quicktime
Clip 4 / Quicktime

PLEASE NOTE: You must have the relevant CODECs on your system to recognise the clip files
AIC - Quicktime, 1920x1080P Apple Intermediate Codec Stereo 48k
PAL - Quicktime, 720x576i Lff 25fps 1.4587AR DVCPRO50 Stereo 48k

Windows: Right click the download link and "Save target as" and Mac: ctrl click and select, 'Download linked file'
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